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A New Beginning

Posted on Wed Oct 7th, 2020 @ 5:23am by Lieutenant Jeela Lurae

Mission: Mission 0: Reporting As Ordered
Location: USS Campbell > Starbase 72

The long trip from the Deblious System to Starbase 72 seemed to take a lot longer than a certain Bajoran Counselor would have thought. Though she was not the Chief Counselor aboard the Campbell at the time, the ship was in tense negotiations with two warring factions. One faction wanted all of the minerals that Debilous 4 to nine and try to make credits off of them but the other faction wanted to use those minerals to do research and make the galaxy better. The negotiations were tense. Yes, the Ferengi had a part in them which made things much more difficult. Jeela really hated to deal with Ferengis. Every time that she dealt with their race, They seemed to always be negotiating to better themselves only. Once the negotiations began, the Debliosians did not disclose what kinds of minerals were found but when the minerals turned out to be dilithium crystals, that was when the Ferengi went for the jugular.

They claimed their "Rules of Acquisition" for the crystals when they thought that the planet was not inhabited... but to their surprise, there were a small delegation of Debilosians still residing on the planet. It seemed that the Ferengi tried every trick in the book to make things move towards their advantage. First, it was the Chief Diplomatic Officer who fell ill after a suspicious illness... then it was the Chief Counselor who inadvertently suffered a concussion and was unable to perform his duties. The next woman on the totem pole,... was Jeela.

The Ferengi were very surprised to see a Bajoran being the one to lead the negotiations. Those Ferengis never dealt with a Bajoran before but Jeela was not a normal Bajoran. Though Jeela still kept her ancestry thanks to the PADDs that her adopted parents found in the blanket along with the little girl found during the tail end of the Cardassian Occupation, Jeela did have some human traits and some tricks of her own, thanks to her adopted father's teachings.

Long story short, it was Jeela that was able to intimidate the Ferengi ever so slightly into making a deal that would benefit both parties. For 30 percent of the minerals, the Ferengi was able to take those parts while the Debilosians could use the rest to be able to process those crystals and set up a refueling station on their home planet for Starships in the area to refuel and bring their warp cores to full strength. Jeela did not like the fact that part of the deal was to make the Debliosian's crystals available for everyone... including the Romulans should they venture this far into Federation Space (not that it was likely but she had to add that addendum in the deal just in case), but this was a small price to pay in order to achieve peace and in the Ferengi's case... free trade.

With the mission over, the Campbell's next stop was Starbase 72 to refuel, relax and reassess their mission. Along the way to Starbase 72, Jeela was calling into her CO's ready room. Of course Jeela felt a little nervous but along the way from her quarters to the ready room, she prayed to the Prophets that things would turn out well. The ride on the turbolift up to the bridge seemed to be the longest ride ever as she finally exited the turbolift and pressed the button alerting her CO that she was outside.

"Come." came the voice of an older man. As soon as Jeela opened the door, she was met with the face of her CO... Eric Greer. He had a very fading hairline of graying brown hair but whatever hair could be shown, it was curly and short. As she entered the ready room, Jeela was ordered to take a seat at the other end of the Captain's desk. it was then that Captain Greer started to make his speech.

"Counselor Jeela. You have accomplished something that was beyond the call and duty of your responsibilities. You successfully negotiated a treaty that no one would have ever thought possible. I admire the way that you negotiated such a tense diplomatic situation and... Starfleet Command has taken notice of your accomplishments." Captain Greer started to explain. It was Jeela's nature to ask how so... but when the Captain took a small box out from under her desk, she kept silent as she was asked to stand up.

"Jeela, It really hurts to lose you and the skills that you bring to the ship.. but your compassion and your wit in dealing with not just the problems of our crew but also to use a very ancient but unorthodox method to seal a treaty has let Starfleet Command to promote you to Full Lieutenant effective immediately." The Captain explain as he replaced the upper black pip with a pip of full golden color just like the one that was just below it. "Congratulations Lieutenant You have earned this."

"Thank you Sir." Jeela let out a mixed reaction smile but she was still wondering what the rest of the Captain's message meant. "You mentioned that you will be losing me, How so?" She asked.

The Captain let out a small grin as he explained. "Starfleet has decided to transfer you to the USS Kennedy when we arrive at Starbase 72... where you will be the Chief Counselor with all of the duties and responsibilities associated with said position." He explained as he leaned in. "I am proud of you, Jeela. I know that your next CO will get a Counselor that is very passionate with her duties. Captain Callaghan will get a Counselor that cares about everyone and even more than that. I envy him but... I am proud of you." The Captain finished as he went back into the decor and command voice that a CO usually projects. tucking down his shirt, he finished up his speech. "We arrive at Starbase 72 in 3 hours. You have that long to pack up your belongings and get ready for Transfer. You are off duty for the rest of the trip. Dismissed."

"Thank you , Sir!" Jeela exclaimed as she wanted to hug the Captain but thought better of it. As soon as she exited the ready room, she bolted out into the turbolift and hoped that the trip would be shorter than expected to her deck. Upon arriving to her deck, she could not help but to run to her quarters and get everything ready to pack. Yes, she did have a lot of personal things to pack as she spent two hours down so.

As soon as the docking protocols were complete, Jeela departed the Campbell through the airlock with three suitcases in tow. Who she would meet upon her arrival at the Starbase, that was still to be determined. The good part was that she still kept the PADD that showed the Orders of Transfer to her new ship. All that needed to be done now was... meet up with the delegate from the Kennedy to whisk her away to her new ship and new adventures.


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