USS Kennedy


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Good News Comes in Pairs

Posted on Sun Oct 4th, 2020 @ 11:21pm by Commander Andrew Callaghan & Lieutenant JG Megan DuBois

Mission: Mission 0: Reporting As Ordered
Location: SB 72: Main Promenade
Timeline: MD 1: 1000

Andrew ran from Ops, sure it wasn’t very formal but he didn’t care. After getting directions to Megan’s location he headed to the station’s promenade section. It wasn’t going to be hard to locate her, she’d been talking about a particular restaurant now for weeks. He knew where she would be. He entered the lobby of the eatery, spotting Megan he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

“I got it,” he whispered in her ear.

Megan screamed at first, but then realized who it was. “You got what,” she looked in his eyes, “No you didn’t,” it suddenly hit her without needing an explanation. “You got a Command,” she smiled. “Oh my god babe,” she grabbed him, “What did you get?”

“USS Kennedy, it’s a…” Andrew stated but was interrupted.

“The Norway Class,” Megan laughed, “I looked into all the open commands this morning, well the docked ships that didn’t have an assigned Captain.” She blushed, “After the Commodore called you, I had to peak just in case.”

Andrew laughed, “I should have known better,” he looked around, “Let’s go,” he grabbed her arm, “We can come back here, afterward. I promise.”

“Andy,” Megan pulled her hand back, “I’m actually meeting someone here, I bumped into them a few minutes ago.”

Andrew looked around, “who?”

“Hello, Andrew,” a voice from behind him called out.

Andrew froze in his steps, the voice was one that was very familiar. He turned around, “Hello mother.” His tone went from happy and excited to distant and cold. He looked over her shoulder as if preparing for something.

“Don’t worry, your father isn’t here,” Helena stated.

“I wasn’t looking for the Commodore,” Andrew lied, “I was just looking.”

“You’re a terrible liar son and I wish you wouldn’t call him that,” Helena added, “He’s still your father.”

Megan took Andrew’s hand, intertwining their fingers together, “Andy, be nice. She just wants to eat and spend some time with …”

“How did you two even meet?” he asked?

Helena smiled at the waiter as he came to escort them to their table. “Imagine my surprise, when I literally ran into this beautiful woman. I took note of her ring and congratulated her.”

“The Commander asked about my fiancé,” Megan smiled, “So I told her about you.”

“Got to say, I was a little taken back when I heard,” Helena looked at her son, “We didn’t even know you were dating let alone engaged. You should have mentioned that Andrew,” Helena scolded her son.

“Forgive me if we ain't exactly on speaking terms,” Andrew took his drink from the waiter and looked at his mother. “Talking to you typically involves the Commodore…”

“Andy…” Megan raised her voice. “Behave.”

Andrew just folded his napkin in his lap as he took a sip of the water. He wanted to say more, but he wasn’t going to make a scene in front of Megan.

Helena looked at her son then over to Megan with a bit of shock in her face, “I’ve been trying to get him to shut up for years, how did you do that,” she smiled, “and please dear called me Helena. You’re practically family, no need to use titles.”

Andrew looked at his mother, he desperately wanted to say something but knew that he’d upset Megan.

“Oh, it takes some work,” Megan laughed, “He’s a stubborn one. You just have to learn how to give him that look and use the right voice.”

Helena laughed, “Stubborn, you should meet his father. The two of them are a,” she leaned over close to Megan, “a lot alike.”

“Oh, like hell we are,” Andrew replied.

“Shh, dear,” Helena looked at him, “the girls are talking now.”

Andrew threw his arms up, “Shh, really?” What am I mother, three?”

“Sometimes honey,” Megan patted his leg.

Helena looked at Megan and smiled, “You’re gonna fit in just nicely, dear.” She looked over to Andrew and then to Megan, “Does he know?”

“Not yet,” Megan replied.

“Know what,” Andrew looked at both, “I am not sure I like where this is going. You two are not supposed to be…”

“Oh, be quiet dear,” Helena looked at Andrew.

“So, he has a Command and a…” she gave Megan a look. “Oh, you poor dear.”

Andrew was getting upset, this wasn’t how he saw today going. He was going to take Megan over to the Kennedy. They were going to look at the ship together, take that next step, and start their next adventure. “You both know I am here, right,” he raised his voice.

Megan laughed, “you get so cute when you’re upset.”

“You should have seen him when he was three,” Helena shook her head, “it was awful.”

“Ok, that’s enough,” Andrew tossed his napkin on the table, “Why does this feel like a setup.”

“You should tell him,” Helena smiled, “Before he…” she raised an eyebrow.

“Andy,” Megan placed a hand on his leg trying to calm him down. “I’m pregnant.”

Andrew felt the blood drain from his face as he just sat there looking at Megan, “you’re what.”

“Pregnant,” she added, again.

Andrew stood up, “I mean how… when…” He started to breathe heavily. “I mean, does she know,” he jerked a finger over to his mother. He was suddenly lightheaded, confused, and lost. He picked up his glass of water just as the lights went out. With a loud thud, Andrew landed back in the chair, as a waiter came running over.

“Yep just like his father,” Helena looked at Megan, “Cullum did the same thing.”


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