USS Kennedy


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Grubs and Good News

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2020 @ 6:20am by Lieutenant Dok
Edited on on Wed Sep 30th, 2020 @ 6:21am

Mission: Mission 0: Reporting As Ordered
Location: USS Soval

Dok had just come out of a much needed adventure within the holodeck before reporting for duty during the Beta shift. The ship's mission had been completed weeks ago, and now that it flew back toward the interior of Federation space for a crew adjustment and maintenance work, there had not been much for the Ferengi to keep himself busy with. For the time being, holo-novels were his main source of excitement. He'd found that he quite enjoyed Earth's literature, particularly this one story by J.R.R. Tolkien and a little protagonist of his named Bilbo, it was easy for Dok to slip into that role. Alas, the final chapter had come to an end, and the story had left off on a similar note to the assistant chief physician's current reality.

Their crew made it all back in one piece, it was a happily ever after scenario, for the time being. He'd probably be put on shore leave temporarily and return to his same post afterward, beneath the stuffy Vulcans that made up the majority of the USS Soval's senior staff. It wasn't that he didn't like them, but he found his spontaneity and creative thinking stifled by their love of the rules and their indecipherable version of logic. He felt as though Vulcans and Ferengi applied seemingly congruent philosophies that ended up being entirely different in functionality, the rules of Vulcan belief were simply no fun.

He fiddled with his PADD as he entered the lobby preceding the sickbay, though he knew not to expect any major updates or changes to the medical logs. Not a single thing has happened to the crew in a few days, everyone was relatively healthy, all there was on the docket were a few prearranged routine check-ups for procrastinating crew members. It wasn’t a bad thing, Dok was glad that no one was in a state of pain or discomfort, but it sure did make his job a lot more boring in these twilight days between missions. He began preparing his mind for an uneventful day when his comms badge received a transmission.

“Lieutenant Dok, please come join the CMO and I in my private dining area for lunch.”

It was unusual for Captain Larek to make such an offer, especially during the beginning of the Ferengi’s shift no less, but Dok knew better than to deny his captain’s invitation. Composing himself for a moment, he slapped his badge and spoke back, “Of course. I’ll be seeing you two shortly, Captain.”

Was he in trouble? Was the crew in some sort of trouble? Larek would never bring that sort of news up in such a private area, but then again, he’d never really announce any sort of news from his dining space either. Vulcans were usually so predictable, and whenever they were unpredictable it scared Dok to bits.

He’d better make his way up there and get whatever was coming to him over with. He found it highly unlikely that the captain really wanted to enjoy lunch with him, he never felt as though they ever really got along or even interacted enough to warrant such an occasion. Traversing the distance from the sickbay to the captain’s quarters was a quick pop into the ship’s lift. Dok had composed himself a second time and whispered positive affirmations the whole way over, but as soon as the private dining area’s doors opened, the Ferengi knew there could be nothing but good news. No one would ever discuss bad news over Ferengi grubs!
“Lieutenant, I’m sure you’re wondering why we’ve prepared this special Ferengi meal for you today” his Vulcan captain presumed with an uncharacteristically pleasant tone.

“You know, I’m just so happy to see real bugs on a plate that I hardly thought about that all,” he admitted in response.

The stoic captain merely cocked a single eyebrow and turned toward the CMO, who wore a similar expression on her face. “You’ve been doing a fine job officer Dok,” she said with her beautiful but monotone voice, “Although you may feel like the senior staff aboard our vessel are a bit… harsh on you, we do appreciate the amount of effort you put into your job. You have, admittedly, surprised time and time again. So it was with great honor that I suggested a promotion and reassignment aboard your own vessel.”

Dok had, in all honesty, hardly been paying attention. The hungry Ferengi had sat on a vacant seat and immediately began piling the maggots onto his plate while his immediate superior broke the big news. It took a minute of pregnant silence for the assistant chief to pick up what had just been said, but when he fully digested the news, he could feel his hands begin to tremble and the utensils fall from his hand.

How embarrassing. How amazing. How lucky he was at this moment. A few tears came, though he kept his composure, trying his best not to act a fool in front of the emotionally sterile Vulcans.

“It’s a diplomatic ship, a Norway-class. It goes by the name USS Kennedy, he was a political figure from Earth, long before the formation of the Federation. You’ll be a part of a whole new team of senior officers, led by a rookie captain too. We think it’s a great opportunity for you to find your footing in a senior position” his captain had finished the rest of the good news, his neutral face betraying the obvious goodwill he felt toward the small Ferengi at that moment.

“Thank you both,” the Ferengi managed to squeak.

“We’ll be docking at a rendezvous point with your transport vessel, I would suggest packing your things… That is, as soon as you finish your grubs and finish your shift. I regret to inform you, however, that the CMO and I will not be watching you eat. We find the food to be… Well, you just enjoy it yourself. Take this time alone in the private dining area to reclaim your composure before returning to your duty.”


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