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Adventure Awaits

Posted on Tue Sep 29th, 2020 @ 1:12pm by Commodore Jonathan Bastin PhD & Commander Andrew Callaghan

Mission: Mission 0: Reporting As Ordered
Location: Starbase 72
Timeline: MD 1: 0900


It had been several weeks since Andrew had spoken with the Commodore. While he was enjoying the extra shifts and assisting as needed, this wasn’t what he had in mind when he was transferred to the station. Albeit it the duty shifts did give him time away from Megan, who was neck-deep in wedding plans and discussing their future. In his opinion the perfect wedding was a justice of the peace and get it over with; apparently, he was not correct.

He nodded to the secretary, probably for the fifth time now, as he looked to the Commodore’s office. It was hard not to hold in the excitement, in his mind there could have been only one reason why he was being summoned again. Megan told him not to get his hopes but, but the moment the call came in, it was already too late. He shifted his weight as he stood up this time walking over to a nearby window. He looked out over the docking bay at the ships below. He couldn’t help but wonder if his future was docked in front of him, or not.

Commodore Bastin entered the antechamber of his office, his pace a little quicker than usual given all the excitement that had been generated thanks to the reports of Cardassian vessels in the Badlands. As he made his way toward his actual office door, the Commander sitting at the desk pointed toward a figure the Commodore hadn’t noticed upon walking in.

“Ah, Mister Callaghan, I didn’t see you there. This is actually good timing, I hadn’t expected you to get here before I did. Follow me,” Bastin said, briefly addressing his guest before walking inside of his office to circle around the desk. Though there was just a small amount of clutter as compared to the last time he’d met with the man, the office still didn’t look very personalized.

Andrew hadn’t noticed the Commodore until the man spoke his name, “Pleasure to see you again, Sir.” Andrew turned and followed the Commodore into his office. He really didn’t know what to say, that wouldn’t sound stupid. He stood just shy of the desk with his hands folded behind his back. He took note of the lack of personal decor and couldn’t help but wonder how long he planned on staying on the station. He looked back to the Commodore, “I trust this is a follow up to our previous meeting?” He couldn’t help but smile, just a little.

“It is,” the Commodore confirmed as he sank down into his chair and pulled a PaDD off his desk. A quick scan of the contents confirmed it was the one he’d wanted to find, and without much thought over it, Bastin slid it across his desk, just far enough that a quarter of it was hanging off the edge of the desk’s surface.

“The USS Kennedy needs a Commanding Officer. She’s Norway-class, a fairly new ship as well. The perfect vessel for someone looking to sit in the center chair. The question is… do you want her?” the Commodore explained briefly before posing his question.

Andrew looked at the PaDD, “Norway’s typically get commanded with someone, well, who has a bit more Diplomatic experience than myself.” He smiled, “However, I would be honored to command her.” He picked up the PaDD, as he read for a bit. “I hope Starfleet understands my idea of diplomacy is less formal uniforms and fancy words, and more,” he thought of a second, “cowboyish.” He firmly believed that not every situation could be solved with a big dinner and colorful words. Sometimes one had to be firm, and stand his ground before proceeding further.

“Starfleet prefers that the Captains of vessels handle situations in the manner suited to them, which is a nice way of saying you can do the job any way you want to as long as the results are in the best interests of the Federation. That being said,” the Commodore paused for a moment as he leaned forward, “I’d be grateful if you didn’t start any major wars in my theatre of responsibility until the end of my tour.”

Andrew nodded with a smile, “I will try my best, Sir,” he responded. He made a mental note to hire an Executive Officer with a Diplomatic background. “I am eager to get started Sir,” he asked, “When can I report to the ship?” Andrew tucked the PaDD under his arm as he looked to the Commodore. He was eager to report and take stock of the ship and her crew.

“The Kennedy is currently finishing up the routine refit here in the station. You’re free to report aboard her, though from what Ops is saying, it will be about a week before she’s ready to depart. Plenty of time to get yourself settled in before you’re deployed,” Bastin said before his face contorted just slightly as if he’d remembered something.

“Speaking of, that PaDD doesn’t actually have your deployment orders. I need to finalize some things before we can get you deployed to your area of operation. I’ll contact you with details and mission parameters when I’ve got some reliable intelligence to act on. Just be ready to accept your orders with very little notice,” the Commodore said after a slight pause.

Bastin began to turn away before catching sight of the man’s uniform, taking notice that something wasn’t what it should have been, “Tell me, Lieutenant Commander… your last assignment was as a First Officer, correct?”

“Yes it was, Commodore,” Andrew replied, a little confused, surely he knew that already.

“Right…” Bastin said as he nodded to himself and brought up the holographic display in his desk. It took a few stabs and swipes of the display to find what he was looking for, but when he did, the Commodore smirked a bit and returned his attention to his guest.

“I wasn’t sure about this when you walked in, but it looks like vessels of this type are reserved for Commanders and above… which you are not. Sadly, as you are now, the Kennedy can’t be handed over to you,” the Commodore said, the playful smirk still very much on his face as he paused for what could only be assumed to be dramatic effect.

Andrew looked at the Commodore, “That is a shame, Sir,” Callaghan didn’t want to jump to conclusions just in case. Surely, the man had all this figured out in advance. However, with the state of the Federation, details could have been missed. He had seen the smirk but didn’t want to read too much into it, yet.

“It really would be… except you are in line for a promotion thanks to your previous assignment and the record that you maintained while aboard. So… Commander… take command of your ship,” Bastin said, the smirk becoming a full-on grin, “Seems I’ve been getting a lot of chances to promote people these days. I can’t say I dislike this particular part of the job.”

At that moment the only thing running through his mind was the fact that he needed to find Megan. This day couldn’t get better. She had believed in him and he couldn’t wait to tell her the good news. He was certain the Commodore could see the excitement in his eyes, and he wasn’t going to hide it. “Thank you, Sir,” he stood up a bit straighter.

“Don’t mention it, Commander. Now go on, I’m sure you’ve got things to do… people to brag to or something,” Bastin said, waving the man out of the room with a soft chuckle.

Andrew turned and before he’d even left the office, he tapped his comm badge, “Computer, location of Lieutenant Megan DuBois…”

Commander Andrew Callaghan
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