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Lieutenant Dok

Name Dok

Position Former Character

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4" | 162.5 cm
Weight 140 lbs | 63.5 kg
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description An immediate impression made by any other Ferengi are the size of Dok’s lobes, they’re considered small for a male, though most other races would not be able to tell otherwise. Dok is unusually well-groomed for a Ferengi; His teeth are white and fairly well aligned, he wears only subtle colognes, files his nails, and practices good skincare. Aside from a few traits, he is rather indistinguishable from the average member of his race. Slight of built and short, he’s not one to exercise more than is necessary to stay healthy, which makes him generally un-intimidating.


Father Nork
Mother Nyn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dok wants to get the most out of a situation without having to give too much, in the sense that he's prudent and proactive in his job. If you handle a situation before it gets out of hand, you'll expend less energy and effort solving it, that is the doctor’s world view. Inasmuch, he is rather insistent on regular check-ups and ever vigilant for any kind of illness or pain his crew might develop. He could be described as a bit overbearing at times, whether it’s work-related or in casual conversation, but he means well and is a genuinely good-hearted soul.
Strengths & Weaknesses When it comes to strengths, Dok’s analytical mind is at the forefront of his repertoire. What he lacks in size and strength, he makes up for with tenacity and guile, matched by a courageousness that is uncharacteristic of a Ferengi. He’s a cunning, forward-thinking man, whether it has to do with his field of study or not. It’s difficult to catch the doctor with his pant’s down, he’s often prepared for anything, or at least he’ll be the first to get his bearings whenever he /is/ caught by surprise.

In terms of flaws, the doctor can be quite annoying. He’s incessantly insistent, though usually only in his realm of expertise, but tiring nonetheless. Dok is the type to say “I told you so” before trying to remedy a bad situation, and he tends to hold a grudge whenever his advice is ignored or not taken explicitly.
Ambitions Dok still enjoys his first academic interest, xenobiology, and hopes to further the universe's understanding of all things related to life. Whether it be the creation of a new medical procedure, inventing a revolutionary medical device, synthesizing an organic compound that is somehow beneficial, or discovering and fully recording a new species unknown to the Federation at large, Dok aches to cement his name in the lectures of science professors for centuries to come.

Personal History Dok was born aboard an exotic animal trading vessel, his father the captain of a ship that flew beneath the banner of the Ferengi Trade Commission, his mother the daughter of a prospective business partner. Their marriage, and the consummation of Dok, was a part of an elaborate corporate contract which would amalgamate each partner's individual holdings. As a result, Dok was raised in rather ideal circumstances for a Ferengi, with the opportunity to take over his father's business if he were to show the qualities of a 'good Ferengi'. Disappointingly, Dok was far more interested in abstract and useless concepts like scientific discovery and the cultural progression of a society that comes from things outside of material gain. It was all very boring and embarrassing for his family, but he was able to convince them that funding his venture into Starfleet as a science officer would turn a profit once he discovered something worth marketing. However, once he was finally on Earth and applying for the Academy, the deceitful Ferengi revealed that he was far more interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Upon his admission into the Academy, the Ferengi soon found that his world view and general understanding of life was at odds with the reality he lived on Earth. People were not concerned about turning a profit, or getting a leg up over one another, instead they sought to build each other up and further themselves in life with comradery. It was quite a relief for the Ferengi, for he was never one to seek competition with others, but in his home culture it was constantly thrust upon him. His fellow cadets were not racing him, or wishing failure upon him, there was space for all of them at the top. Still, he found it easy to succeed in his classes because he learned to be scrupulous and dedicated in all things he attempted, a gift he often reflected upon whenever he thought ill of his upbringing. Had he never been forced to try so hard in order to succeed in Ferengi society, he may have never unlocked and utilized his full potential.

After graduation, on his first cruise aboard the USS Quantico, the Ferengi adapted to life aboard a Starfleet ship with ease. As a child, he learned to love travel through space and was accustomed to the spartan amounts of space afforded within a starship. The Ensign worked the Delta shift in the veterinary lab, putting his animal husbandry skills to good use and making friends with the marine mammals of the Cetaceous Ops office. There was a fondness for them he has never quite been able to explain, though he often attributes their friendship to the fact that both Cetaceans and Ferengi possess four separate cortical lobes in their brains.

While Dok adored his position aboard the USS Quantico, he was elated to be moved over to the USS Soval, with the understanding that he would be groomed for the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Leaving behind his focus in veterinary practice, Dok was given the opportunity to stretch his legs in all sorts of other medical treatment after five long years as a mere vet. That's not to say it was all rainbows and sunshine, making the transition from a junior officer to a leadership position was rather difficult for the Ferengi, primarily because of his race and appearance. Many people were skeptical of his ability to lead, or even his intentions, though none ever openly admitted it to his face. Still, Dok knew that he had to outdo the reputation set by his own people. Much like a Klingon restraining their primal and visceral emotions, Dok too learned to suppress the unsavory sides of his innate being. No one wanted a doctor with the bedside manner of a duplicitous fiend or the posture of a conniving conman, and although Dok never meant to come off in such a way, others would simply attribute those traits to him because of his physicality or tone of voice. It was a welcome exercise in fitting into Starfleet, in fully adopting the identity of a respectable officer within the Federation, though admittedly it may have left a bit of a chip on his shoulder.
Service Record 2383 - 2384 Cadet Freshman Starfleet Academy, Medical Studies

2384 - 2385 Cadet Sophomore Starfleet Academy, Medical Studies

2385 - 2386 Cadet Junior Starfleet Academy, Medical Studies

2386 - 2387 Cadet Senior Starfleet Academy, Medical Studies

2387 - 2392 Medical Officer USS Quantico

2392 - 2395 Medical Officer USS Soval

2395 - 2399 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Soval

2399 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Kennedy