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Lieutenant Niali Cri'oses

Name Niali Vastre Cri'oses

Position Former Character

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85m (6'1'')
Weight ~75kg (~165 lbs)
Hair Color Blond, often dyed darker
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Cri is androgynous, but generally seen as attractive by most. She’s tall and athletic, and just a certain level of rebel that gives a certain air about her. She’s pragmatic in her dress, tending to lean towards the comfortable over luxurious. She keeps her hair short to mid length, often with an undercut and worn loosely styled. Like all betazoids she has dark eyes, and tends to like keeping her hair to match, despite the fact that it is naturally lighter in color.

Her cybernetics are well hidden, grafted with living and simulated flesh to keep them from being too noticeable - and to give her the simulated sensation of touch. The back of her upper left arm is clearly cybernetic though, with access ports and lines showing the alloys beneath just a bit. The same could be said about her upper leg. She isn’t bashful about her cybernetics, though - often taking off her hand when it “bothers” her.

When she can, she wears her uniform less up to code - though she leaves that up to the commander in question. If allowed, she’ll wear it with the jacket open at the very least. Outside of work, she is generally fond of simple, plain clothes and a nice jacket.


Father Ideis Cri’oses, former Starfleet Operations Officer
Mother Tivena Cri’oses, nee Vadid
Brother(s) Cen Cri’oses
Sister(s) Tulah Cri’oses
Other Family Large extended family on Betazed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cri is a brilliant engineer with a flair for the rebellious or “punk” ideologies. She is brave, honest, and always willing to speak her mind. Despite her rebellious nature, she is a true believer when it comes to the tenets of Starfleet and the Federation. She is friendly enough, as most Betazoids are, but unlike most she often finds she understands and enjoys the company of tech more than of people.
Strengths & Weaknesses ++ Cybernetic Augmentations: Her cybernetics are not designed to grant her more power than anyone else, but they do provide some benefits that others simply don’t have. She can worry less about her left hand,
++ Gifted Technician: Something in her mind just works for technical things. She’s always been smart, but when she let her curiosity grow into a career, she began to exemplify that aptitude. If she can see it as a device, find the logic in it, she can understand it.
++ Medical Cross Training: It was only natural to get a bit of cross-training with Medical. She is not a doctor, but has first aid training and is certified to assist medical teams with biomechanics and cybernetics as necessary.
++ Skilled Telepath: Her parents were part of the Betazed Resistance, an organization known for its “unorthodox” use of the telepathic abilities. She comes from a line of strong telepaths, and it shows.
== Honest: Cri is honest to a fault, something that many around her don’t understand. She comes from a family of powerful telepaths, and deceit was something that made little sense to her. Her parents always encouraged her to be true to herself, and to others. And she sticks with that. Even the idea of Buffer Time irks her.
== Nonbinary/Fluid: Cri was born androgynous. Her biological sex was never something she felt defined her, and after her injury over Mars, it really didn’t matter. She currently identifies as female, but has a tendency to move about the spectrum as it pleases her.
== General Operations Training: Cri is a Starfleet Officer. She can fight hand to hand, fly small craft, shoot a phaser - and as she’s in Operations, she can do cross department tasks (operations, security/tactical) to a higher standard than say a Command or Science Division generalist. But she isn’t great at it.
-- Listless: She doesn’t really have any goals in life, and is just moving forward with what seems best at the time. This lack of planning is representative of more issues in her mind, of course, and she rarely seems to share the same enthusiasm as those around her - even though she might be feeling just as energized by a project.
-- Rebellious Streak: She has a rebellious streak and it can cause problems. She likes going her own path, and she’ll follow it - even to the detriment of her relationships.
-- Specialist: She is a specialist. If it doesn’t have cybernetic, engineering, musical, or telepathic applications, she is likely out of her element to some degree.
-- Traumatic Past: Despite her best efforts, Cri’s past does haunt her. The Occupation created a terror in the child, one that can lash out in situations that reflect that same cruelty she remembers. She finds herself a bit torn on her opinion of Synths, and will go out of her way to help Romulans - acting on some long lost hope of helping. It can become problematic.
Ambitions Few, if any. She seems happy to be who she is right now, and to take what comes. She has no intention of becoming a Commanding Officer or rising through the ranks of Starfleet Engineering. She doesn’t care about inventing anything. She just wants to exist and to enjoy the moment - and maybe to help others do the same.
Hobbies & Interests Cri loves music. She was trained as a classical musician during her childhood. She likely could have been a professional, but that wasn’t what she wanted.

She adores mechanical things. She has this theory that digital is efficient, and analogue is a powerful backup. So she has a tendency to toy with mechanical answers to modern problems. She has a collection of watches, clocks, and archaic technology that she uses as back up.

Otherwise, she enjoys reading - and likes classic books over digital, and enjoys restoring old books when she finds them. When she spends time on the holodeck she tends to do what she calls 'archaic engineering' - which is more classic crafts and techniques, like blacksmith, glassblowing, and the like - but that is rare. She also enjoys lockpicking as part of her mechanical hobbies.

Personal History Niali Vastre Cri’oses was born in 2368 and lived in the Betazed sector for much of her life. She and her family were on Betazed during the Dominion Occupation. She was six at the time, and her parents spirited her away to safety before they joined the resistance. She was born and raised by natural fighters, and it was only inevitable that she become one herself.

A gifted student, Cri had dreamed of joining Starfleet since seeing the Fleet retake Betazed. The heroics she personally witnessed left an indelible mark on her. One that would last a lifetime, and she put all of her natural talents into achieving that goal. Though there came a time when she felt her skills needed to be put into use immediately, that she could not wait any longer. She decided that she would join the Evacuation fleet as soon as possible.

In 2385, she enlisted as a shuttle pilot in the Evacuation Fleet. She was aboard a transport ship on Federation Day when the Synth Attack on Mars occured. By all accounts, she was as swift in action as any of the officers aboard the transport vessel she was restocking that day. Her quick action enabled her to personally save five crewmen from the disaster, and she was able to open sealed hangar doors that would have condemned the small crew to certain death. Her co-pilot was able to beam her to safety as the shuttle escaped the carnage - but not before Cri was critically wounded.

The young woman, not even eighteen yet at the time, gained the attention of Starfleet immediately - though she spent nearly a year in a coma afterward. When she woke up, she was a different person. Much of her left arm and left leg had been destroyed, along with parts of her back and torso, and additional damage to other parts of her body. She didn’t remember what happened during the rescue - but she was close to a blast from a Synth commandeered fighter when it hit her transport. While the shuttle and crewmembers were able to beam her safely aboard - a lot of her never made it.

She spent nearly two years in recovery at Starfleet Medical - long enough that her family packed up and moved to Earth to be closer. To her credit, Cri never seemed to give up any sort of her personality due to the trouble. Her entire stay, she was more worried about Romulus and the Evacuation Fleet than she was with her own recovery, all but demanding to get back to help.

As she recovered, Starfleet offered her a place at the Academy - a chance to be an officer rather than her original enlisted ranking. She jumped at the option, and as soon as she recovered, she went straight into training.

In 2389 she officially enrolled in Starfleet Academy. She chose to take a long course. She originally planned on going into science and medical - likely due to her time in rehabilitation - but after a couple of years studying there a professor noticed her constant fascination and tinkering with her cybernetics and asked her to audit a new professor’s engineering course with him. The professor’s instinct was right. She had a natural talent for engineering, and a fascination with it she hadn’t admitted to before.

It was 2391 when she shifted to Engineering, and she never looked back. She finished her primary engineering training in 2394, served aboard her cadet vessel, and then spent the next few years jumping to ships that needed her as a junior engineer - earning a reputation for determination above and beyond most in her situation, and a refusal to give up on a ship even in the worst situations.
Service Record Education
General Education, Betazed (Accelerated Post Occupation)
Starfleet Shuttlecraft Pilot Certifications (2385)
Starfleet Shuttlecraft Pilot Certifications (2389)
Starfleet Science (Medical) Officer Training (2390)
Starfleet Engineering Training (2391-2394)
Starfleet Continuing Education - Engineering (2395-Present)

Starfleet Records
2368 - Born, Federation Citizenship, Starfleet Officer Dependent
2385 - Early Enlistment, Enlisted Flight Corps
2385 - Critically Injured in the Synth Attack on Mars
2386 - Starfleet Medical (Coma)
2387 - Enters Starfleet Medical Long Term Rehabilitation
2388 - Finishes Rehabilitation
2389 - Enrolls in Starfleet Academy (Science/Medical)
2391 - Transfers to Starfleet Engineering Corps
2394 - Graduates Starfleet Academy
2394 - Ensign, USS Courageous (Defiant Class), Junior Engineer (“Cadet” Cruise)
2395 - Lieutenant JG, USS Fujiwara (Akira Class), Junior Engineer
2397 - Lieutenant JG, USS Cambridge (Norway Class), Assistant Chief Engineer
2399 - Lieutenant, USS Kennedy (Norway Class), Chief Engineer

Medical History
“To the attending physician of Cri’s next ship. She has the following cybernetic implants. Full left hand and wrist prosthetic, cybernetic musculature and fifty percent bone replacement in lower left arm, lab grown muscle tissue connections on the upper left arm. Lower left leg prosthetic below the knee. Full function left kidney replacement, nanofiber strengthening and replacement of some tissue in nearly all other organs in the left lower quadrant. Patient also [redacted: patient privacy. CMO’s eyes only]. Burns and scarring have been mostly removed. Patient does not have noticeable damage to the eyes or ears.

In addition, she has suffered the expected chronic wounds of any engineer. Common abrasions, contusions, lacerations, tortions, and fractures come with the job. None worth noting. Just expect her to pop by.

Cri is relatively resilient - but will push herself. She’s been confined due to exhaustion a few times, and will tend to work when sick if not ordered otherwise. Oh, and she has a bad habit of tinkering with her cybernetics. Keep an eye on her - and don’t be afraid to tell her to do something for her health. She’ll normally listen.” ~

Psychological History
“Cri’oses. Her response to fear is to laugh and joke, and push forward. She legitimately does not remember anything past unjamming the shuttlebay door on the Synth attack, seems to hold no ill will towards synths beyond the norm, and shows limited signs of PTSD. Note, limited. Phantom limb pain, nightmares, and other occurrences still come up. She has not yet frozen during a firefight - but she does have an uncontrolled flinch response to the sound of phaser fire. She likes to play the hero and the rebel, and that will inevitably get her in trouble.”