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Lieutenant Jeela Lurae

Name Jeela Lurae

Position Former Character

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jeela is not quite Athletic but she is fit enough to be able to run about 5 Kms without breaking a sweat. She has 7 nose ridges and always wears her Family earring on the right ear. It is a triple chain of half moons on each chain


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Jerry Hawthorne (Adopted)
Mother THu Hawthrone (Adopted)
Brother(s) None that she knows of
Sister(s) None that she knows of
Other Family None that she knows of

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jeela is usually a calm and compassionate woman. Though she was born on Bajor, she was raised on Earth with caring adopted parents. Thanks to the PADD that was found when her adopted parents rescued her, she still has some of the Bajoran beliefs and looks to the Prophets for spiritual guidance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jeela is a very good listener and is willing to give advise when it is needed but she can be a little too compassionate at times. She still has to learn that not everything is going to be rosy and happy when dealing with diplomatic issues so sometimes, even she has to look for advise when it is needed.
Ambitions She eventually wants everyone to live happy and for all of the conflicts to stop. She may realize that this is an impossible ambition or a dream, she wants to to best that she can and leave her mark on the Galaxy that not everyone are who they seem to be on the outside.
Hobbies & Interests During Jeela's downtime, she likes to spend it in the Holodeck at her adopted parent's house that is filled with redwoods and the outdoors. She also has a small interest in botany as well. If she was not going to be a counselor, a botanist was the next best thing on her list.

Personal History Right now, Jeela is awaiting her first assignment and is hoping to help make an impact on whatever ship or starbase she might wind up at. Her dream is to eventually head home to Bajor but for now, she will be happy with wherever the Prophets lead her to.

Born on Bajor, Jeela was caught in chaos during the Cardassian occupation. If it were not for a Security Officer by the name of Jerry Hawthorne, Jeela probably would not survive the torture that her family endured. Saved as an infant and brought back to Earth, she was raised by her adopted father and adopted mother, Thu. Her adopted mother was a little reserved but stuck in the old ways. She always thought that a meal was not meant to be replicated, it was meant to be prepared from scratch. Her father was of the new ways though as he taught Jeela about the technology and how to defend herself.

Yes, Jeela was bullied and ridiculed at first when she started school but with her father’s training, she was able to defend herself from all of the fights. She always tried to use reason as much as she could but if she had to fight someone, than she would do it. Her eyes were always looking towards the stars as her wish was to return home eventually. There were many directions that she could take but with the offer of helping people through her problems, she decided to join Starfleet. With her parent’s blessing, she set off towards her new adventures and new challenges… where ever they may lead.

During her time at the Academy, she was very surprised that no one was bullying her for the ridges on her nose. Once she was able to actually be herself, Jeela went through the Academy almost through flying colors. Sure there were missteps along the way when her advice backfired and caused a fight between two people… but eventually, the combatants settled things (as it was due to a minor disagreement) and moved on.

After graduating from the academy, her first assignment was on the USS Saratoga as an assistant Counselor. As an assistant, she mostly dealt with all of the “paperwork” and the menial tasks of filing and keeping the records intact. For about 3 years, Jeela wanted to be able to do more to help people and maybe be more involved in some diplomatic activities. She wanted to be able to help people get through their problems but there were times when she had to study different races through conflicts.

The most notable conflict that Jeela faced was when a Ferengi man claimed a starship when he thought that it was going to be salvaged. The problem was that a Cardassian delegation wanted to recover the ship and take it back into their space. The Ferengi stated their Capital Assests rule in their claim but the Cardassians stated that they have full sovereignty over their ships, disabled or not. Though Jeela hated to deal with the Cardassians in the first place with her upbringing, she eventually settled things by having the Cardassians give 300,000 credits to the Ferengi in exchange for the Caradssians to take back control over their ship. To the Cardassians, they did not want to give away money but she persuaded the Gul of the Cardassian delegation that money was the only thing that would make the Ferengi happy. With the payment, the dispute was settled and nothing ever came out of that dispute.

With the word circulating through the Starfleet Counseling and diplomatic channels after the Ferengi incident, it was decided by Starfleet Command that Jeela was ready to be a Chief Counselor. Where her next assignment will be? That is all up to the Prophets to decide in her view.
Service Record Please see link.