USS Kennedy



This group functions as a collaborative writing group, so we have a few expectations for our writers to make the experience fun and safe for all participants, as well as to ensure the quality of our writing.


This group is rated 13+.

Writers should not use other players' main characters without permission. NPCs may be used by anyone, but please try to follow the characterization that has been established for them.

Writers should attempt to reply to tags in joint posts within 48 hours; if you need more time, please reach out to the other writers in that post, or give them temporary permission to use your character.

If you would like to take ownership of an NPC that you have not created, please contact the coordinator and he will make a determination. You may also propose to take over an NPC and flesh them out to be a main character.


In order to strike a balance between censorship, creative freedom, and responding to the guidelines put in place by our parent organization, please adhere to these guidelines on content when writing.

Cursing is allowed, but should be used in keeping with the spirit of the characters you are writing: most Starfleet officers don't regularly use foul language on duty, for example.

Violence can be described in moderation. Posts may contain graphic description of violence, but may not contain description of extreme violence, injuries, acts of mutilation or of sadism to such level they may cause shock or offense to the average adult reader. Saying, for example, that someone has lost a leg in accident is acceptable, but describing too closely the fleshy ramifications of that act should be avoided.

Sexual content can be described in moderation. Specific sex acts may be referenced, but posts may not contain descriptions of the acts being performed. No descriptions of the aroused state of any sex organs or body parts or of penetration, masturbation, rape or any other form of non-consensual sexual acts. One may think of this as the limit that you might see in a PG-13-Rated movie.

Formatting and Other Post Guidelines

Posts should (generally) be from a single character's point of view--in joint posts this is typically the choice of the first writer to start the post. For example, in posts with multiple characters, we should only see one character's thoughts. The other writers should describe what other characters might notice about them and what they're doing.

This writing group writes in a standard prose (i.e. novel) format, rather than in a script format.

You do not need to set off communications with people not present in the physical area your character is in with any sort of special marker--just make it clear in the dialogue that they're talking over the comm. or a viewscreen.

As best as you are able, please proofread your posts. Our website is compatible with Grammarly. Please also remember that the names of ships are set off in italics; our website can handle simple HTML tags, such as < i > < /i > (without the spaces) for italics.

Please fill in the timeline and location boxes at the top of each post with the mission day (i.e. the days since the mission has started) and time--don't just say "current" or "after the previous post". If you're unsure of the timeline, please ask the coordinator.

Please also title your post in this format Post XX - Title.

In addition to the metadata, please include these two lines at the top of each post, to benefit users reading in Reader Mode or in PDF:

[Vessel/Base Name]
[Mission Day XX - Time]

If your setting can be more specific, you can add a second line with that information.

For example:

[Starbase 38]
[Captain's Ready Room]
[Mission Day 01 - 1200 Hours]


[USS Apollo - NCC-82789]
[Mission Day 05 - 2100 Hours]

If your post is set in more than one area or time frame, consider splitting it into two posts (if they're long enough to stand alone) or mark the change in setting with additional tags showing what has changed in the body of your text.

[USS Kennedy - Main Bridge]
[Mission Day 01 - 1200 Hours]

In this sentence we're on the bridge. But then we get into the turbolift and then we end up on Deck 10 to go to sickbay.

[USS Apollo]
[Sickbay - Medical Lab]

Now we're in sickbay.

Finally, please sign the post with each character's name and position, especially if a minor character doesn't have an entry on the manifest.

Commander Joseph Ng
Commanding Officer
USS Kennedy