USS Kennedy



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Main Bridge   The Kennedy has a larger bridge than most starships of her size, as her diplomatic duties often require more advisors and guests on the bridge than would be normal. This well-equipped space is where all of the command-level decisions aboard the Kennedy are made.
Ready Room   The captain's ready room is adjacent to the bridge and serves as a place where the captain can work in private, while still staying close enough to the action to be able to handle emergent situations within seconds.
Briefing Room   The briefing room is located adjacent to the bridge and is used exclusively for staff meetings.
Diplomatic Conference Lounge   The Kennedy's dedicated diplomatic conference lounge is located on B deck and provides the largest set of viewports on the ship, which look out into the space in front of the ship. It is reconfigurable through a built-in hologrid that allows it to serve as a formal conference space, a lounge, a banquet hall, or any other configuration that fits within its physical space.
Recreational Systems   Many of the Norway Class’s missions take extended periods of time far from the usual niceties of Federation Starbases for R&R; as such, the ship is equipped to provide a home away from home for the Crew and their families.
Camelot Lounge   The Camelot Lounge is a large lounge located on Deck 3.
Quarters   USS Kennedy Quarters and general layout.