USS Kennedy


About Us

The Kennedy is a roleplaying group in Bravo Fleet. We are a collaborative group of storytellers who write out the actions of our characters in the ship's adventures, which are set up and managed by the game manager (akin to a dungeon master for a table-top RPG). This hobby is a form of collaborative writing with aspects of roleplaying involved as well. Think of it as either writing an episode of Star Trek together or writing down the actions of the characters in a table-top roleplaying game.

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About our setting: the Kennedy

The USS Kennedy is a Norway-class light cruiser, first built by Starfleet in 2370 which is 29 years before the current year of 2399. Similar in size to the Intrepid-class featured on Star Trek: Voyager, this class of ship is meant for scientific missions and for hosting diplomatic negotiations. As such, she is a little more luxurious than most ships of her size and tends to avoid tactical situations when possible. The Kennedy's specific mandate is to difuse trouble spots on the Federation's borders through diplomatic negotiations before they escalate into larger disputes. Rather than seeking out strange new worlds, she's much more likely to be sent into neutral space to negotiate trade agreements, to handle the concerns of Federation member worlds, or to transport dignitaries from the border to negotiation sites in the core worlds.

This ship does carry a strategic operations officer, an intelligence officer, and a protocol officer; these three officers report to and advise the captain on the technical and strategic implications of negotiations, but the captain remains the senior diplomat onboard for most missions. The scientific contingent is also enhanced by the presence of extra linguists and cultural specialists for situations where the Kennedy needs this extra support to accomplish its mission.

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